Flood Defences

Flood Defences

Front and Back Doors


The most common opening on a building that people wish to protect against flooding, is their front and back doors. These are usually inward opening doors, with the distance between the frames being under one metre.

Floodshield is designed specifically for this type of door. Its patented system means it can be removed and installed in seconds, is easy to store, and light enough for anyone to use.

A small number of front and back doors however, do not work with Floodshield. This can be because they are wider than normal, are outward opening, or have no useable doorframe. In these circumstances we offer HydroSack. Whilst not having the convenience of Floodshield, they provide flexible, high -performing, flood protection for your door. 


The HydroSack is the modern method to create a highly effective barrier to the threat of floodwater for domestic and commercial properties. Since launching in 2012, HydroSack has fast become one of the UK & Europe’s best selling sandless sandbag for domestic and commercial flood protection.

The HydroSack is a water-reactive temporary flood barrier for low-level flooding, constructed from a non-woven outer material with a super absorbent core. Before use, the HydroSack weighs less than 500g, but once the HydroSack comes into contact with water (absorption capacity up to 20 litres), it can then be used to defend against, and redirect floodwater. 

Air Brick Covers

Air bricks are the multi-vent bricks that most houses contain to allow air to circulate in the building. They are usually 15cm or so off the ground, and surround the house at that level.
These are obviously an issue with flood water, and need blocking in those circumstances. we have our own range of air brick covers which like Floodshield itself, don't need anything permanent and ugly fitting in advance, and can be attached quickly and easily in case of a flood. 

Toilet Stopper

Unfortunately, when flood water rises, it will rise in your drains too. If you have a downstairs toilet then this can result in foul water coming up through the basin and into your house.The Toilet Stopper simply inserts into the toilet, and then is inflated with a bicycle pump (not included) once it is beyond the u-bend. The rising water will then force the stopper against the piping preventing it from entering your house. 

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