Door Repairs

Door Repairs

Door Furniture 

Your door says it all, tired looking panels, handles, letterplates etc. can all be replaced making your door look and work as good as new.

If you have pets and require us to fit a cat or dog flap in your panel or glass, we can do this for you.


Door Alignment 

The “dropping”of a PVCu door is the most common complaint, and part of the reason why so many doors drop is failure to follow the toe & heeling procedure properly. 

To ensure a correct and sustained operation of a PVCu door, it is imperative to get the toeing and heeling right the first-time during installation. 

When a PVCu door has “dropped” the first thing people usually notice is that the lock isn’t working as easily as it did or will not lock at all. The door may also possibly rub on the bottom as it is closed. 

These are issues which if rectified early can reduce the risk of your locking mechanism failing. 


Call us to check BEFORE its too late! 

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